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Laboratory work plays a very crucial role in the understanding of the subject like physics. In Physics, a complete understanding of the subject is possible not only by theoretical studies but also by performing experiments. 
Our departmental laboratory is well equipped  with modern instruments to cater to the needs of the B.Tech students. It has two separate laboratories to conduct experiments for 1st and 2nd year students. It also has a specially built dark room for performing optics related experiments. The various topics of Physics which are covered in our laboratory are optics, electricity and magnetism, general properties of matter, heat, semiconductor, modern physics to name a few. 
Major equipments in the Physics Laboratory for 1st year curriculum include spectrometer to study the dispersion of light using prism, Carey Foster bridge, Newton’s ring microscope, plane transmission grating, Barton’s apparatus, Fresnel Bi-prism, Set up for determination of thermal conductivity of a good and bad conductor. 2nd year experiments, however, are more conceptual and our laboratory is successful in providing sophisticated instruments for carrying out the practical. A few of the experiments are determination of dielectric constant of a dielectric material from oxygen octahedral group, study of photoelectric effect using photo cell, thermoelectric power of Fe-Cn thermocouple, specific charge by J J Thomson method, Franck Hertz experimental set up to verify Bohr's atomic orbital theory, obtaining Lande g-factor of DDPH using electron spin resonance, band gap of Ge using four probe method, Hall set up, solar cell and many more.


Important contacts
Dr. Navonil Bose
Dr. Saptarshi Chakraborty
Recent News & Events
Participation in the 1st National Management and Corporate Fair at SKFGI

Students had participated in the 1st National Management and Corporate Fair held at SKFGI campus during February 20th and 21st, 2016. They had made an innovative model, where it was shown how to convert sound energy into useful electrical energy.