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Our department has well equipped laboratories. For 1st year and 2nd year B.Tech students we have two separate laboratories. The technical staffs provide their tireless effort for the welfare of the students to make sure that the pupils have a thorough understanding of the theory as well as the practicals. At the end of every practical class, the faculties take viva voice regularly so as to prepare the students for the exams from the very beginning. The department has experienced faculty members; two of them have completed their Ph.D and two are pursuing their Ph.D. Our department has one departmental library with around 50 books. 

Important contacts
Dr. Navonil Bose
Dr. Saptarshi Chakraborty
Recent News & Events
Participation in the 1st National Management and Corporate Fair at SKFGI

Students had participated in the 1st National Management and Corporate Fair held at SKFGI campus during February 20th and 21st, 2016. They had made an innovative model, where it was shown how to convert sound energy into useful electrical energy.